Blink;Tech makes sure our law firm’s message reaches the people who need our help, and my partner and I can devote our full attention to clients and their cases.

Wittmer | Linehan

In a new web environment driven by interactivity and social media, the static website for the Wittmer | Linehan personal injury law firm fell behind the times. As the firm struggled to grow their small web audience, Steve Wittmer and Greg Linehan were unsatisfied by the return on their investment in Internet marketing.

In Blink;Tech, Wittmer | Linehan found a partner who could not only update their web presence, but effectively manage a fragmented web footprint and deliver the Wittmer | Linehan message directly to the right demographic. First, Blink;Tech migrated the law firm’s website to a data-centric enterprise web application with a mobile interface, putting the firm ahead in their business field and preparing them to meet the next generation of clients.

Blink;Tech’s turnkey suite of services distributes informative and helpful content over a number of social media platforms. Expertise in search engine optimization also enabled Wittmer | Linehan to capture the number-one ranking for the most sought-after advertising keywords in their market. With their engaging new social media presence, Wittmer | Linehan’s marketing efforts found the people who needed their services, and the return on their investment is no longer a mystery.

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