I feel like Blink;Tech is another expressive tool for sharing my artwork with the world.

Grace Howl

Experimental artist Grace Howl is what people in the web industry like to call a “power user.” In order to showcase her body of artwork — including paintings, poetry, and short fiction — Grace required a webspace that was easy for her to manipulate on the back end, with maximum potential for visual and emotional arrest on the front end. The team at Blink;Tech utilized its extensive expertise with the WordPress content management system to provide Grace with the ideal virtual art gallery, where she is free to hang up her latest creative works and inspiration for the whole world to see.

The Blink;Tech team’s collective background and experience, particularly
in the arts, music and composition, enables the company to work fluently across a wide variety of projects with full comprehension of the subject matter. Blink;Tech collaborates with clients to creatively connect the dots between their vision, a realized product and the marketplace.


Grace Howl


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