When we realized how much was entailed in creating, marketing, and running an online store, we knew that we were going to need help from someone who could put all the pieces together so we could focus on what we do best – creating handmade jewelry. The team at Blink;Tech made everything a breeze and remains by our side to make sure we continue to grow as a business.

The Knotted Stone

Launching a new web-based business can be a daunting task. Jewelry makers Jen Gerkin and Kathleen Schulte knew that in order to realize their dream of a successful online jewelry store, they not only would need help with the technical foundation of their business, but also with creating and implementing an effective internet marketing strategy, and with evaluating and adjusting those marketing efforts as their business grew. Basically they needed a team behind them that could help with every aspect of e-commerce.

They found that team at Blink;Tech. We worked with Jen and Kathleen every step of the way, from helping them realize their brand story and logo, to developing their WordPress e-commerce website, to implementing an internet marketing strategy that leveraged the tremendous marketing strength of quality content through social media and internet advertising. We also trained Jen and Kathleen on the administration of their website, empowering them with the ability to run the backend of their web store and easily make changes to products and content. Although orders began coming in immediately after launch, we will remain by their side to make sure their business continues to grow and their dreams flourish.


The Knotted Stone

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