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At Blink;Tech, we believe in the power of information sharing and that putting a bit of our knowledge, tips, and strategies out in the world will expand not only our reach, but the reach of our clients. In that spirit, we created our Build-Promote-Evaluate business model and continue to find ways of sharing our process, whether it is in a blog, a book, or with our successful seminar series, Social Media: Beyond the Basics and Conversions are Key. Join us this Spring and experience for yourself what our clients already know: that Blink;Tech is a true tech collaborator and innovation vanguards.

Sarasota Seminar Series

End March on a high note and explore what it means to be on the cutting edge of social media and turning those leads into conversions. On Thursday, March 29th and Friday, March 30th, we will host a return of our successful seminar series at BOLD. 

St. Petersburg Seminar Series

Now that we have expanded our offices to the St. Petersburg area, we are bringing our seminar series north! On Monday, April 2nd and Tuesday, April 3rd, experience what our clients already know and our neighbors in Sarasota have already enjoyed. Acquaint yourself with the new BOLD offices in downtown St. Petersburg, and find your way around social media to make those coveted conversions.

For as long as we have been around, we have posted blogs and held seminars on the evolution of the web and social media. While we will never call ourselves “gurus” of anything, we do know the ins and outs of the tech world we all live and work in, so we feel quite comfortable in sharing the knowledge we’ve acquired. At the end of our seminar, you will receive a link to download our book, “The Blink;Tech Strategy”, where we not only cover the basics of website building, security and social media, but also how to evaluate your efforts – the full Build-Promote-Evaluate cycle.

As time rolls on, Blink;Tech will continue to evaluate our own platform and processes, making adjustments to our model as needed. We will also make sure to share these findings with our clients and friends, allowing them to join in on the successful strategies we uncover. Be sure to sign up for the seminar today, and make sure you’re on the mailing list for any future ones!

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