Social media is a cornerstone of online marketing. At Blink;Tech, we understand that quality content is what fuels social media’s power to build brand awareness, drive conversions, and, ultimately, achieve your business goals. Our talented staff of writers, copy editors, graphic artists, and videographers can work with you and your staff to create compelling content that not only excites, but moves your audience to act.

In today’s pay-to-play social media landscape, however, great content is not enough. We also have the expertise to link organic posts, call to actions, and solid conversion points with paid (pay-per-click) social media advertising, and track the results to maximize your ROI. Modern social media management is about maximizing ad dollars to greatly extend  organic reach and drive conversions. Our strategies have helped businesses of all sizes become the authority in their namespace – and we can help your business too.

Whether you need us to take the helm of your existing social presence or build a cross-channel social media platform from scratch, we can make your social marketing efforts shine.

Have you considered the power, demographics, and reach of social media to grow your audience?

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    Tracy Freeman
    Tracy Freeman Editor of Edible Sarasota