SMS Text Message Marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to reach valuable clients with timely communications, sales promotions, and personalized correspondence. Changes in consumer attitudes and technological comfort level have made SMS messaging the preferred channel of one-on-one business communication.

If you have been reluctant to add SMS Messaging to your marketing strategies, we strongly encourage you to reconsider. According to Constant Contact, an average opening rate for a business email is 10 to 15%, whereas an average opening rate SMS marketing is between 80 and 90%!

Additionally, advancements in technology has made SMS Marketing very affordable and easy to implement and integrate with other web-based marketing strategies.

What SMS Text Marketing Excels at:

  • Timely and personal direct communication with customers or clients.
  • Special Promotions and Sales Announcements.
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders. 
  • Customer support.
  • Order confirmations and shipping updates.
  • Questionnaires and surveys.
  • Sales lead follow ups. 
  • Company-wide team communications. 


On the contrary, SMS marketing offers a quick and convenient way to communicate with those customers who have already “opted in” to your business communications. The key is to leverage SMS Marketing for communications that are meaningful and important, and not to send messages too often.

Additionally, those receiving your SMS marketing communications can be offered ways to easily opt out.

These days, most everyone has a cell phone and is comfortable with text message communication. With the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers of all ages adapted to text message business communication as a safe, convenient, and personal way to interact with their favorite businesses.

Practically all cell phones utilize SMS technology, so a cell phone does not necessarily have to be a smartphone to receive and send text messages.

SMS Message marketing is here to stay! For years we’ve been advising our email marketing clients to adopt SMS marketing and slowly move away from email marketing. That’s how sure we are of SMS Message Marketing’s value and longevity.

On the contrary, SMS Message Marketing platforms are easy and very affordable to implement. Considering the much higher opening rates, widespread acceptance, and the exciting future of the technology, SMS Message Marketing offers a much higher ROI than other types of marketing.


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