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We have previously discussed the pros and cons of working with an outside agency to handle digital marketing, and how using a tech partner like Blink;Tech can offer distinct benefits over other options. It’s been a few years, so we wanted to bring this topic back to the fore and show you how the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing for your small business still may be your best option, not only in performance but also your bottom line.

Outsourcing for Expertise

Partnering with a professional team can provide expertise that may be lacking in a smaller group of in-house employees, so taking a hard look at not only the current staff, but also the goals and most recent analytics can bring the big picture into focus. If your small business has a small team of one or perhaps just a few people, partnering with a larger outside team with a wider range of more technical expertise dedicated to providing specific results, can allow the in-house team to focus on the messaging, branding, and the marketing program as a whole. 

Outside agencies can also provide detailed reports and metrics, making it easier for the in-house team to track ROI instead of spending time putting together the reports. Digital marketing agencies typically have access to cutting-edge knowledge, tools, and software that may be cost-prohibitive for small businesses to acquire on their own, which is a huge advantage for a small business.

Potential for Improved ROI

When working with specialists, the potential for improved ROI greatly increases. Depending on where the business is located, the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee to round out a marketing team can be quite high, especially if they are experienced and well versed in the latest digital marketing trends. For a similar cost, or even possibly less, outsourcing an agency to work alongside the in-house rep can give a small business a full arsenal of experts who can steer the business in the right direction without needing to cover the overhead. 

If you are still concerned about outsourcing, you shouldn’t be – even some of the most recognizable businesses outsource when they need to! Google, Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp are just a few who realized they needed specialized help. When Slack first began, they outsourced design and development work. At the start of WhatsApp, they also turned to outsourcing for development needs that worked within their small startup budget. Though we all know what a massive company Google is, even they don’t always have the talent within their employee pool to handle the work needed for certain projects, and by turning to outside contractors, not only does it open them up to a pool of quality talent, but it also keeps them away from higher budget killing expenses like employee hiring and operating costs. 

Scalability and Flexibility of Outsourcing

Similarly, outsourcing a small business’s digital marketing needs can offer scalability and flexibility that an in-house marketing approach rarely can offer. Depending on the flow of work needed due to changing market and budget conditions, marketing efforts can be scaled accordingly. When the staff is fully in-house, costs are typically fairly fixed even the workflow may not be. This also affects general costs, with flexibility of adapting to the change regarding the hiring processes, such as salaries, benefits, training and office overhead.  

Time Efficiency and Focusing on Core Business

Earlier we mentioned how hiring an outside team can allow for the in-house marketing rep to focus on their specific tasks instead of spending time pulling reports and analytics. The same can be said for the owner of the small business: knowing that you have a dependable team handling the marketing efforts with the direction of the in-house marketing rep, an owner can focus on what they do best – running the business – instead of worrying about the minutiae of the marketing department. Being able to focus on the core business functions is an opportunity cost that pays dividends in the long run. 

The Importance of a Dedicated Internal Contact

You might have noticed the number of times we’ve mentioned an internal marketing team or in-house marketing rep and wondered why we even suggest it if we’re discussing hiring an outside agency. In all our years of doing business, the best and most successful projects have always had a dedicated and responsive internal contact that worked alongside our marketing agency. 

First of all, having someone communicating with the marketing team to ensure your marketing reflects changes to the business, including messaging, brand, the marketplace, and products and services is paramount to any successful business. But it shouldn’t be the owner, who needs to be focused on running the marketing of the business, rather it should be a qualified employee who can act as a point person for all marketing projects. Secondly, having an in-house rep communicating with the marketing team to assess past marketing efforts and develop and approve new campaigns and strategies allows a hands-on approach without the high overhead associated with an inhouse team of even a few employees.

Every small business should recognize the importance of its marketing strategy and ensure it can fire on all cylinders. Without all the resources of an outside agency, it can be difficult to know if what exists is working effectively. Outsourcing the marketing can be a windfall for a small business, as long as the business and the outsourced marketing partner are working as a team. Here at Blink;Tech, we like to consider ourselves a true tech partner – offering our expertise to let you make your mark and own the web. Contact us today to see how we can help your small business succeed!

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