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The past few months have been eye-opening for businesses, forcing many to adapt to new ways of doing things whether they were ready or not. In the past we’ve written at length about the ways that businesses can evolve in order to survive and flourish, often mentioning tech tips that can help preserve the bottom line. As businesses begin to reopen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they will face new challenges and a new normal that they may or may not be ready for. So let’s go over some of the ways business will be forever changed and some of the technology that can help you change with it.

Remote Work

Over the past few months, many businesses and their employees have discovered that remote work is not at all harmful to productivity and can actually be very beneficial to both employer and employee. Technological advances in the last number of years have made video conferencing a viable alternative to any size office, and affordable productivity software has made remote work an easy and money-saving adjustment for businesses all over the world. 

While there are some industries where working remotely is obviously not possible, most industries have found ways of integrating it to at least some degree, and have enjoyed the positive effects of telecommuting. We’re definitely going to be seeing more and more businesses begin to utilize remote work, especially when it means downsizing office space and saving on expensive rents.

Workplace Efficiency

Technology has also allowed for higher workplace efficiency. The aforementioned turn to productivity software has helped many businesses streamline management and allow their employees to shine. By being able to focus on specific tasks and not having to be interrupted with attending meetings or having the manager looking over their shoulder, employees have been able to improve their efficiency rates as well as have more control over their work schedule, giving them a better handle on their home-life balance. As more and more businesses leverage newer work flow technologies, this efficiency rate will only get better as both employers and employees enjoy the benefits.

Working 9-5

Sadly, Dolly Parton’s song 9-5 will become antiquated, along with those floppy disks and rolodexes. Like most things that have come before, time forces us to upgrade and evolve, and technology is allowing connectivity at all hours. As more and more businesses see the advantages of flexible schedules, the concept of the “typical work day” will radically change.

Equity Among the Ranks

As the conversation intensifies regarding equality in the workplace among the sexes, the change to more remote work actually furthers the discussion. Now that hours are more flexible and working from home isn’t as taboo, more women may see growing opportunities for advancement in the ranks. This is a welcome change that many didn’t see coming, but may speak well for all involved when it comes to a fairer playing field. 

Virtual Meetings and Travel Budgets

Now that in-person meetings and travel for business will come with additional risks and expense, many companies may actually see their budgets improve. Without paying for travel costs and allowing for virtual meetings, the uptick in savings can be a boon to the bottom line. Although remote conferencing doesn’t offer the personal touch that many still find important, understanding the risks involved has tempered that need and allowed for unexpected cash flow.

Automated Processing

Even though we might have feared the world of the Jetsons and their robotic help, it is here to stay and will continue to evolve. The health concerns of keeping people in positions of direct contact and potential hazards outweigh the anxiety of automation, allowing for the strengthening of standard protocol for automated processing. Technology can keep us healthier, even if it sometimes seems to conflict with our typical workforce needs. 

This new normal is revealing itself everyday. And while there will be no return to our old normal, the hope is that we have all learned quite a bit about our resilience, our drive, and our ability to overcome the toughest obstacles. With the right attitude, the new normal can be downright enlightening. 

If you have any questions about how your company can meet the challenges of a post-pandemic business world, contact Blink;Tech today and let us help you find your new normal.

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