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It never fails that anytime a potential client contacts us, they say that Internet marketing is the biggest area in which they need help. The Internet seems to be a big, scary place for those who are unfamiliar with it’s more technical aspects, and rightfully so. Everyday there seems to be a new “it” platform, or sweeping changes to how algorithms are used within advertising. Sometimes it seems like just too much for one person, or even one department, to handle. To this we say, take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. We’ve been through this so many times, that we’ve actually come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions that we try to work by, and we’re here to help you start the new year on the right foot.

Our 2018 Internet Marketing and Social Media Resolutions

  1. Post for Purpose – This statement was brought up in a recent meeting as a reminder and we can’t get enough of it. While many feel the need to post on social media every few minutes to keep customer’s attention or to seem as though they are an expert, this often can backfire. Posting should not be done just for posting sake. There should always be a purpose to your posting, or a method to your madness.
  2. Pick the Proper Platforms – What social media platforms and marketing methods are right for you? That depends on what you do and who your customer is. Not every platform is right for every business, and by focusing your efforts on well-crafted posts on the proper platforms, as well as targeting proper customers, you will see the biggest bang for your buck.
  3. Consider Paid Social Media Advertising – Organic posting is the bedrock of your social media presence, but by strategically using paid posts and advertisements, your organic reach will grow exponentially and you could profit immensely. Having clear points of conversion and a solid reporting infrastructure is the key to success, so working with a capable web development team that understands the technical side of Internet marketing can really improve your ROI.
  4. Hire an outside marketing firm – Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, or have the time to learn without stressing about the budget, hiring an outside firm could be your best approach for the new year. Finding the right team is key here. Be sure that their business model aligns with your needs and that they fully understand your budget, goals, and company culture. Also keep in mind that an outside firm will not know those day-to-day nuances of your business that are very shareable on social media, so it may still be more efficient for you or your staff to continue to be involved to a degree in your social media presence. A good firm, however, can help you turn those efforts into very clear conversions.

At Blink;Tech, we have proven time and time again that working WITH our clients is always the best approach. Integrating as seamlessly as possible with our clients’ business culture ensures we bring as much value as possible and are clearly aligned with their goals. From a simple web design revamp or a full overhaul of design and programming, to an introductory level social media marketing presence or a fully integrated marketing platform involving Internet and print, we offer our clients every option in order to maximize both their budget and ROI. Whether you have just a few questions or are ready to ramp up your marketing initiatives, give us a call and let us help you put your best foot forward in the new year.

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