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In a previous blog, we discussed how to leverage social media during the Coronavirus shutdown, but another important consideration for every business is how it is utilizing mobile. Now that we all are online and on our smartphones much more often, whether it be for work or play, why not come up with a solid game plan to engage your clientele via those very same smartphones? Again, in order to survive, we must adapt, and using mobile is the quickest way to your customer base. 

Check in with Your Customers

Whether it’s through social media or SMS text messaging, checking in with your customers provides not only a sense of community, but also reminds them that you are there and can be easily reached. Providing updates on product availability or changes to business hours can promote inclusivity without interruption.

To Mobile App or Not To Mobile App

Though mobile apps can seem daunting, in the current climate we need to pivot to new opportunities, and for some, that might mean creating a mobile app. This allows a business to tap into new revenue streams. Here are a few reasons why a mobile app should be considered:

  • A mobile app will increase customer interaction, potentially leading to conversions.
  • A mobile app will boost the visibility of a business, again potentially leading to conversions.
  • A business can use the information learned from the app to create better customer experiences.
  • At times, a mobile app is easier to navigate because all artifice is stripped away.

A mobile app is at the very least something a business should consider, especially when in-person opportunities are few and far between.

Upgrade Your Campaigns

This is the perfect time to focus your energy and budget to online revenue streams, so start by reviewing all your online campaigns and make sure that they are targeted properly. Bump up the budget if need be, but make sure that no stone is left unturned. If using a mobile app, offer a reward system to help retain customers and encourage brand loyalty. Entice your targets with deals for new customers or specials during peak hours. Mobile advertisement is the most efficient way to reach your customers, so make it count.

Clean Up Your Web Presence

Like we’ve said previously, take this time to optimize and clean your website and various online presences. More than ever, customers need your help, and ensuring that they can easily reach you is the first step to increasing your selling power. A few tips to remember:

  • Ensure all your business listings are up to date so the business is easily found.
  • Optimize your SEO to enable potential customers to land on the site.
  • Update all digital platforms – maybe it’s been pushed to the backburner, but now there’s no excuse.
  • Make sure you are optimized for mobile everywhere possible.

If you are feeling overwhelmed during this extraordinary time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Blink;Tech prides itself on being a true tech partner, and we are here for you should you need us. Contact us today and see how we can help!

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