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Whether we’re talking about individual technology platforms or marketing in general, social media has truly changed the landscape of business. Before social media became a thing, most marketing was still oriented towards print, radio, and other forms of traditional media. With the advent of social media, however, marketers gained the ability to reach specific demographics with surgical precision, and have access to accurate data about the results of these efforts. 

If your business is still struggling to take advantage of social media, read on to learn some basics for utilizing social media to its fullest!

What is Social Media Technology?

Social media technology is simply the technology used for social networks and online communities that facilitates the sharing of information and ideas through content created by its users. Social media technology has changed the landscape of both technology in general and the way businesses market themselves. With over 3 billion users, social media is the new world order when it comes to business. Interestingly, due to the rapid growth, usefulness, and efficiency of social media, new technologies are constantly being created around this core idea of the social element, providing a continual stream of new opportunities for businesses like yours. 

Largest Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms may come and go, but some seem destined for the long-haul. Remember MySpace? While it was a fun introduction to social media with allowing users to custom design their profile pages, it inevitably took a turn for the worse and never recovered. Facebook quickly took up the crown, and seems to have found ways around the problems MySpace faced, and now is approaching 3 billion users worldwide. 

Other sites that are currently popular around the world include YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and WeChat. While these may be the current crop of popular social media platforms, keep an eye out for the next big thing – it’s almost certainly right around the corner!

How Should Businesses Use Social Media?

This question is one that you will find many and varied answers for, all revolving around the type of business and its respective clientele. At Blink;Tech, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, and every marketing campaign and usage of social media should be crafted to the needs of each business. 

One universal truth does exist though: having a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can only be helpful from a branding and community standpoint. Even if the platforms are not used as a social network, they at the very least should be used and posted on to continue cultivating a following and to further the reach and branding of the business. 

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

There are numerous benefits of using social media for your business marketing, but the biggest one by far is the ability to reach both loyal and potential customers. Through specialized targeting, your business could be seen by a specific demographic in a very specific geographic area, or you could widen out your reach to be seen by eyes all over the world. Other benefits include the ability to develop your brand, increase revenue, and have direct communication with clients and potential customers. Keep in mind that there are also a number of risks, so be sure to actively monitor the accounts, as well as have social media policies in place at your business so that any do’s and don’ts are well known. 

When it comes to social media and technology, there’s no getting around it: to be in the game, you must play the game. Social media is now the cornerstone of business, from the technology we use to the way we connect with our customers. If your business is in need of social media help, contact Blink;Tech today and let us help you navigate this often confusing and difficult landscape!

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