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A couple of years ago, Blink;Tech chose to specialize in creating mobile-optimized websites instead of writing apps for use on mobile devices. Why? Because mobile devices increasingly have become a major distribution point for web content. And while apps have been excellent for building a company’s brand by customizing a user’s experience, apps can only be used on specific devices; whereas a website is viewed on all. Moreover, a user may download an app onto his smartphone, but not necessarily to his tablet or desktop.

As Steve Mulder recently wrote, your app is great for people who already love you. But your mobile site is the best way to help everyone else discover you. In fact, when NPR conducted a study comparing monthly users of all of their apps with mobile web users, they found that there were twice as many mobile web browser users than mobile app users. Indeed, the amount of mobile site traffic is going through the roof. The devices themselves are improving quickly and can handle more sophisticated experiences, including audio and video streaming…overall a better time.

As you already know, what really makes your business grow is direct visits to your website… from any device. Increasingly, your online audience is on the go and will visit your website with whichever mobile device is hand.

These people will find your website through a browser, not through an app, so it makes a lot of sense to market your website. Many firms use social media as well as using the effective SEO techniques. Potential viewers will find you by following links in search engines, and if your site is mobile-optimized, you will have saved the expense and effort of having multiple websites for multiple platforms.

When it is time to update or spruce up your website, get it mobilized!

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