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Ok, let’s say that you have so far followed our advice and generated quality images for your site by hiring a professional photographer and/or a professional graphic artist. You’ve even joined Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter… Now what? Here’s your next step:

Because you will be using social media for marketing, you have made sure your images set your business apart from the crowd. Now you are ready to place them on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Let’s add another one-tap into the latest image-sharing site: Pinterest, which has been growing like wildfire. Millions of people participate in Pinterest daily. Why? Because it’s all about pictures. Your customers-current and potential-“repin” images they find. While the site is generally oriented for the food, fashion, and art industries, any business can benefit from its powerful SEO feature. So how do you get ‘er done without spending loads of valuable time and money?

Regardless of which social media platform you use, the idea is to get your content posted/tweeted/repined; get your name out there. So add your most interesting and eye-catching images as well as images you like from other users. Optimize your content by making the images’ filenames be a description of the images’ content. It is also a good idea to work in search terms your clients would use to find you and to write your captions in a similar manner. It’s a good strategy to also add in images from your own website because it will link automatically back to its source: Your website. Update it regularly to keep things fresh, interesting, and current.

Some companies find that crafting a theme with a story generates a buzz that the general public likes to follow. I know of a historic preservation firm that has a 12-inch-tall stuffed dol … er.. “creature” might be a better term for this mascot! “Miner John” sports a large floppy felt hat, a giant nose, a scruffy beard, and mining boots. He’s a little corny looking, yet his very “good ol’ guy” type presence piques interest among clients-both existing and prospective-because when he goes to job sites, he gets his picture taken and then he “writes” in plain English about what is going on there.

There’s even more you can do. Make it fun to be engaged with your company’s postings. Generate participation by developing contests, invite comments, and permit image sharing. Bottom Line: Get your company noticed by using sweet, upbeat, sentimental, witty, or just plain gorgeous photography and design for your web content and social media…frequently.

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