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As we near both the end of the year and the end of the decade, many business owners, large and small, are wondering what 2020 has in store for technology, and what they can do to leverage those innovations for their success. Because we here at Blink;Tech are on the cutting edge of a lot of tech trends, we thought we’d share what we believe to be the best tips to get you started for the upcoming decade. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that technology is ever-changing and on-going. If you’re in it for the long-haul and willing to adapt, success will be just around the corner!

Here are some tips for a successful 2020:

Put the Customer First

While technology usually refers to digital programming or electronic equipment, we tend to include innovations in all potential areas of business that help the mission of a company. 

One trend that will never end, is putting the customer and their needs first. Whatever tools you use to modernize or streamline your technological footprint, be sure to think about how it will affect the customer’s experience before implementation. 

Keeping it Simple with APIs

Simplifying your platform is another great way to start off the decade. Luckily with advances in APIs, seamless integration has allowed for companies to share data across the board and keep overhead to a minimum. Leveraging APIs will also help with flexibility and speed, and by keeping things as simple as possible, can make management of business assets much simpler.

Invest in People

Everything starts with the people behind the product or service you offer. Having a strong team not only leading the company but also working along every step of the way, will result in higher customer satisfaction and a greater ROI. These days, the biggest hurdle is retaining that team, which means offering a positive and happy work environment that will attract the desire for the team to stay for the long term.

Word of Mouth is Still Vital

On the marketing front, try to build better word of mouth for your business. While this can seem daunting with myriad social media platforms and ever-changing interfaces, it is still the best way to build success. Most consumers will review businesses online before finalizing any purchases, so a good reputation is vital. 

Start by providing consistent and positive customer experiences. By giving back to your community and offering a quality product, many customers will be more than happy to leave online reviews. 

Next, make sure your online presence reflects exactly who you are and what your company offers. This includes your website, social media, and online business listings. By clearly identifying who you are, you make it much easier for others to spread the word about you.

Be Mobile Friendly

Ever since the smartphone took control of our daily lives, having a strong mobile presence has become an imperative for business success. And this starts with having a mobile-friendly website that leverages Responsive Web Design (RWD). For some time now, Google has been downranking websites that are not mobile-friendly on mobile search, but the real impetus for you to make the change to a responsive site should be the experience of your mobile site visitors. 

Mobile marketing is exploding! Consider text message marketing, which we discussed in our last blog, and mobile payment options such as Square, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo, among others. Anything a business can do to generate income on the go is just good business.

Cloud Computing for Success

Whether you’re a startup or have been in business for over 20 years, moving your business into the cloud has many advantages. From saving money on software to allowing for a remote workforce, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

While not all business will experience the same advantages, the most likely will result in varying degrees of the following.

  • Cost Reduction 
  • Flexible Access
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Improved Security
  • Efficiency and Scalability
  • Compatibility

Disadvantages include network connection dependency, potential technical issues and limited features, but it really comes down to who you choose as your provider. Do your homework and find the best cloud computing fit for your company.

Own Your Data – the Movement

At Blink;Tech, we can never overstate enough what we feel to be the most important issue: OWN YOUR OWN DATA. 

When you work with Blink;Tech, rest assured that you own your web presence, as well as any data that is collected. We also ensure that any steps taken with your digital marketing is based on the principle of keeping ownership of your data and only entering into third-party programs when absolutely necessary. 

The reason for this is that one day, your analytics needs may no longer be served adequately without raw data and direct access to your customer data. Knowing that you already have control will have you at the top of the mountain while everyone else is still climbing. 

In 2020, let’s make sure you’re in control of your business and your data, so that you’ll be at the peak of success.

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