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In-Stat research shows that 65% of households will own either a smart phone or tablet by 2015. Gartner predicts continuing growth in smart phone sales through 2013 and shipments to reach 1.1 billion by 2015

GSMA estimates an expected increase of connected devices worldwide from 9 billion to over 24 billion by 2020. And most reports agree that mobile devices account for a steadily growing amount of web traffic.

Proper Content Delivery
Not all browsers are created equal, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Your site must leverage all the technologies available.

One of the most popular video player browser plugins is the Flash Video Player. But if there’s no Flash, there’s no video. Enter HTML5 with tags to let you play video. Presently, the major browsers react differently to these tags; read my article on HTML5 for some tips on using these tags.

Mobile is Now
The mobile user is one of ‘now,’ one of “I am ready to do business,” “I am ready to go there now,” etc. The successful website leverages this new behavior today.

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