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Lance Whitney of CNET | News recently wrote this: “Do you check your e-mail while watching TV? If so, you are far from alone.” He goes on to report that when Nielsen polled mobile users, they found this is happening more and more often in the United States and Europe. In the United States alone, 88% of tablet owners and 86% of smartphone owners said they used their device at least once while watching TV over the prior 30 days; almost half of tablet users said that they use their device in front of the TV daily; and 25% said they do it several times a day. Among smartphone owners, 41% said they use their phone while tuned into the TV at least once every day.

If you air TV commercials for your business, you can leverage this trend to increase the bottom line. How? Let’s say your commercial is for a garden center. During the ad, be sure the URL for your site is clearly visible so when a viewer who wants to know if you carry Corona tools can use her tablet or a smartphone to visit your website or send you an email to see which brands of tools you carry.

“We live in a time when multitasking seems to have become the norm, especially with the prevalence of mobile devices.” This form of integrated marketing (TV, web interface, email responders) is the wave of the future. Get out your surfboards!

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