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So you have a website that looks stunning and the content is up to date. Your work is done, right? Not exactly. As we all know in today’s complex world of technology, platforms and algorithms are always changing, and your web footprint needs to keep up the pace in order to stay in the game. Part of our business model revolves around the idea of “Evaluation” – we are constantly re-evaluating what our client’s sites are doing and if our processes are getting the job done. In this same respect, we suggest taking a long, hard look at your current website and supporting marketing endeavors in order to ensure everything that can be done is being done. In other words, get a website appraisal!

My Website Seems Just Fine. Why Bother with an Appraisal?
Without routine check ups and maintenance, does your car continue to run as efficiently as it did when it was new? Of course not, and the same can be said for any website. Not only are search algorithms and optimization best practices changing constantly, but you can be certain that some of your competition will be upping their game to take advantage of these changes – and your inattention! Your website needs consistent check ups and maintenance in order to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. And this means looking at much more than simply resolve times and metadata. Evaluating both the footprint and function of your website marketing and social media are critical components of that assessment.

What Will We Look At? What Access Do We Need?
We will take a look at your basic web footprint, which means the general reach of your site as well as social media and your competition. We will also take a look at what’s immediately below the surface, ensuring that you are utilizing all tools that are available to you so that you are ready to take the next steps for marketing your business. At this level, we won’t need backend access to your site or even passwords to social media accounts – we will look at your web footprint from the perspective of a client and how they find you (or don’t find you!). It’s a very non-invasive process, but enough to give us the information needed to suggest best practices implementation.

If This is Free, What Will I Get Out of It?
When the appraisal is complete, we will engage you in a conference call to review our findings. It is our hope that what we find proves that you are well on your way to being the authority of your namespace. However, we most often find that while the site might look appealing and utilizes modern technology, there are many adjustments necessary in order for the site to work as a marketing engine. In the end, you want your web footprint to do the work it is meant to do, so that you can focus on your business, rather than wonder if your website and internet marketing efforts are as effective as they could be.

Let us help make sure your website is getting the job done. Contact us today for your free website appraisal.

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