Coding naming convention

CSS Ids Or Classes
good: my-id-or-class (always lower case)
bad: myIdOrClass, my_id_or_class, myIDOrClass

JavaScript, Java, PHP, Etc … Vars
good: myVar, getMyData()
bad: anything else then camel case


Function And Vars
good: hudAmi, getHudAmi();

Class Names:
good: Ami
bad: AMI

MySql Column Names:
good: my_column_name
bad: myColumnName, mycolumn

Html Code:
bad: Do not use ‘tables’, use div

Do not write a class or inline style until all the generic tags having coded in css file. From there write with the highest possible level of obfuscation.

Default Coding Conventions:

Development Setup Convention

Project Naming:
ex: client = then project repository will be blink-tech
Your local VirtualHost must have the line for the site to work: SetEnv APPPLICATION_ENV localhost

IDE – Subversion
good: Integrated SVN, make sure to not include local files.
bad: Don’t use 3rd party tools (i.e. SVN Tortoise) will surely lead to errors.

Local projects are expected to behave exactly as production servers. You will need your local smtp to work and have all the required PHP extensions.