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The internet has changed remarkably since Google search launched in the late 90s. Over the years, Google not only adapted to those changes, but in many cases was the cause of the change, evolving into one of the biggest companies of all time and the dominating force in internet search.

But lately users of Google search are starting to wonder if change has finally gotten the better of Google. Gone are some of the key factors that set Google search apart like the clean interface, straightforward user experience, and, most importantly, the fast relevant search results. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the newest introduction into search result pages (SERPs) already cluttered with search result ads, product listing ads, local listings, among other things that all work together to push relevant organic search results far down the page. A lot of people are looking for an alternative that offers a return to the old days of Google search.

The good news is that Google isn’t the only fish in the sea. Below is a list of a few alternative search engines you may never have heard of that may be fun to explore as an alternative. Many, if not all, do offer the added benefit of better privacy than Google but that isn’t our focus here. 

Pro Tip: read on to the end for a pro tip to bring back the Google of yore with the clean search results page full of beautiful organic search results!


Seva offers super clean and simple organic search results much like the early days of Google. As an added twist, Seva offers the option of joining a fundraising team to raise money for various charities just by searching the web.  


Swisscows has a pleasing stripped down look to the search results with a few well-marked ads scattered throughout. Other than that, there is none of the listings and annoying carousel display ads you see on Google. A very nice search experience.

Brave Search

Brave Search is another contender for a cleaner organic search experience. There are labeled ads mixed in with the search results but they are not obtrusive. Results seem to be somewhat reliant on Google as you will see “People Also Ask” sections and other indicators that Google is providing the data. 


Presearch has a very unique take on displaying ads on search results pages and we found it pretty pleasing. There are only a few clearly labeled ads mixed in with the organic search and then one very large graphic ad off to the side. There is also a column of icons to advertisers which is not distracting at all.


Startpage features a lot of sponsored ads, but once you scroll past them to the “web results” the interface is pretty clean and you can quickly find what you are looking for.


Like Startpage, Qwant also has a big pile of ads at the top. Unfortunately there are more ads down the page. For now, Qwant is a bit cleaner than Google, but that will probably change over time.

Google and the “&udm=14” trick

Yes, we have Google listed as an alternative to Google! This is a great trick if you want to see a stripped-down search results page showing organic search results prominently. The trick is to make a normal Google search but when the results come up, add &udm=14 to the end of the long Google URL in the address bar. Hit enter and voila! Google for people who like it simple and AI free.

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