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If you’re anything like us, you might already be over your 2023 social media strategy and it’s not even December yet! Not that it’s not been a successful year, but it’s usually around this time each year that we get a little antsy about what’s in store for the year to come. Take it from professionals – this is perfectly normal! Even if your social media strategy is still going strong, you may have started to wonder about how to make 2024 more exciting for your followers and how to extend your overall reach. Don’t worry – we have you covered! Below are our top tips for giving your business social media accounts a fresh start for the new year!

Tip #1: Evaluate What Works and What Doesn’t

Not every post is going to be a hit, so take a few minutes to evaluate what has and hasn’t worked throughout the year in your social media posting. Evaluating the results of your hard work is a major aspect of our B-P-E (Build-Promote-Evaluate) model, and without it, the wheel doesn’t continue to turn! 

Tip #2: New Strategies and New Goals for the New Year

Every year should have a specific goal, whether it’s broadening your reach, ramping up follower counts, or even developing a relationship with a charitable cause and supporting it via a social campaign to show your community involvement. Developing new strategies and setting realistic goals for the new year can infuse your socials with excitement for both your team and your followers.

Tip #3: Create a Content Calendar

Begin the year as organized as possible and create a content calendar so that your focus can remain on the big tasks. A content calendar will not only keep you consistent and proactive, it will help streamline the work among the team. Be sure to audit your 2023 posts, target paid posts appropriately, schedule efficiently, and have fun along the way – national holiday posts every once in a while is worth a cheesy smile!

Tip #4: Update Social Profiles

Do a little housekeeping and make sure all social profiles are up-to-date! It’s easy to forget to change links or general details in social profiles, since they’re not always front and center when accessing as the page owner. But it’s a little thing that could go a long way when new followers are trying to get basic details, so give yourself a few minutes for each platform and make sure they are current!

Tip #5: Refresh the Graphics and Branding

This one is not necessary, but the timing could be perfect – a new year, a new you! If it’s time to launch a refreshed branding, be sure all social profiles reflect current graphics and related information. Or maybe it’s not a total refresh, rather it’s just another version of the same logo. The new year is a perfect opportunity to change up the business profile on social media!

Tip #6: Update Team and Business Information

This goes along with tips 4 and 5: make sure social profiles reflect any changes to team members or location images. While it’s not imperative to include images of all team members, many followers like to put a face and location to the names and offices involved. Having current details listed will help keep any confusion to a minimum.

Tip #7: Clean the Content and Feed

Review what you’ve posted in the last year and make sure it’s still in line with your mission and goals. If there’s anything no longer appropriate, hit that delete button! If there’s something pinned that isn’t needed, unpin it! Take a look at your follower list and remove any bot or fake accounts, and leave any groups that are no longer of interest. Cut through the noise that is no longer of use to your brand, and start clean in the new year!

Tip #8: Reintroduce Yourself

Whether or not the business has had a successful year, there is never a time where a platform doesn’t acquire new users! Use the new year as the perfect excuse to reintroduce your business to everyone and watch your follower numbers grow!

These are just a few things that may help make your 2024 more manageable from a social media standpoint, though even incorporating just one can help get you started on the right foot. If you have any concerns about your business’s social activity for the new year, feel free to reach out via our contact form below. Blink;Tech is here to be your tech partner in 2024 and beyond!

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