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Blink;tech recently upgraded CelloBello to a mobile-friendly website with responsive web design to share lessons, blogs, and videos with cellists.

When CelloBello needed a website upgrade, we were glad to help. Their old website consisted of three different technologies working together under one hybrid framework. However, considering the amount of traffic they were getting as cellists around the world came seeking lessons and new information, they found that they had outgrown their website, and to serve their purpose, it was just unsustainable.

CelloBello offers cellists a variety of opportunities to increase their skills through their online resources. Video lessons help players focus on various aspects of their craft, including body awareness, expression, performance, and playing with both the right and left hand. Paul Katz, after more than 3000 performances and 50 years of playing and teaching, first developed the site to help the next generation of cellists “transcend the frustrating technical difficulties that get in our way so that we can create, express, inspire.” To accomplish this goal, lessons are designed to help students learn, think, feel, and listen.

The site also features historic performances celebrating the legacy of master cellists and interviews with living virtuosos. Players can find out about job openings and competitions, and watch streaming performances and master classes through the CelloStream and CelloChat every Thursday at 8 PM ET. Considering the wealth of information and inspiration CelloBello offers, we were honored to provide them with the ability to move to the next level.

The first step was migrating the site to a more secure platform. After years of producing interviews, developing lessons, and sharing blogs, the site was quite content heavy, and we certainly didn’t want to lose anything in the move. Consolidating to one frame work, our team led a coordinated effort to execute a seamless transition so CelloBello could continue to inspire musicians without missing a beat.

Of course, we also had to consider all of the tablets and smartphones that would be streaming these lessons. After all, according to the most recent findings 51% of digital media time in the US is on mobile devices compared to 42% on desktops. While their old site was not mobile friendly, their new website features a responsive web design that can now be easily navigated on any device, allowing cellists to take their lessons anywhere.

Since launching the website last month, CelloBello’s mobile traffic has already increased by 15%, making us very pleased that the tools we’ve providing are helping them do better work. The backend of their website allows for easier management through a user-friendly framework, which will empower CelloBello to continue offering these amazing resources for years to come.

If your website needs an upgrade to allow you to make the most of the digital revolution, let us help you find the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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