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The Power of Blog Content for Small Business Marketing

March 13, 2015

Ask our clients or anyone who has spent any time with the Blink;Tech staff and they will tell you: We go on endlessly about the importance of carefully crafted blog content. Really, we won't shut up about it. We sound like a broken record. Yes, it can be annoying at times. But there is a good reason for it.

Good blog content is the best way to bring potential customers to your website, especially if you are a small business serving a local customer base.

The last part of the statement above is important -- the part about small business. More often than not, it is the small business owner who is... Read more »

Marketing your Business with Instagram: Our Strategy Guide

February 4, 2015

Since its launch four years ago, Instagram has grown from the 2011 "iPhone App of the Year" that gained one million members in its first two months, to one of the most-used apps on the planet. With over 150 million photos shared within its first year, Instagram now has over 150 million members that have uploaded over 16 billion photos that generate 1.2 billion likes every day. For the social media-minded business, it is no longer a question of if you should be using Instagram to connect with your customers, but how.

We at Blink;Tech would like to help you answer that... Read more »

Brace for the Explosion: Video and the Internet in 2015

January 27, 2015

The possibilities of online video and the technology through which it can best be implemented are converging in 2015. Some estimates by analysts of web traffic and user behavior say that by 2017, almost 70 percent of Internet traffic will be devoted to streaming and watching video -- some predict that number will rise up to even 90 percent.

Both B2B and B2C companies are going to incorporate a lot more video into their 2015 marketing strategies.... Read more »

"Hey, Facebook! What Are You Doing Now?" The Reasoning Behind Facebook Messenger and Paper

November 25, 2014

Change. It's never easy, but it's always inevitable.

As a tech company, change is something we deal with a lot. It's the core of our business. And we've learned that when there is a major industry change, the truly important questions don't usually revolve around the technical details of the change, but rather the reason for the change and the direction that change will take us.

A good example of this are the many changes that have taken place with Facebook this year.

Most notable were the extraction of the Facebook... Read more »

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