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Too Much Eye Candy Spoils the UX Appetite

July 15, 2014

New web technologies are offering designers the ability to create exciting new levels of interaction and usability in websites. One of the hottest new user experience (UX) features is parallax scrolling, which gives web pages a cool 3-D visual effect. As a user scrolls down the page, elements in the foreground (usually the text or other primary content) move faster than those in the background. Additional layers can be added to create eye candy that is visually stunning -- and quite easy to abuse.

Problems always arise when web design puts more emphasis on pizazz and special effects than content. Design is... Read more »

Tumblr: an Overlooked Icon in Social Media

July 11, 2014

When it comes to discussions about leveraging social media platforms for business marketing, Tumblr doesn't often come up. This is, perhaps, a travesty.

The socially-driven microblogging platform has a lot going for it in terms of SEO, social media clout, and usability. If you are looking to augment your current Internet marketing with a new social media network, keep reading -- you may put Tumblr at the top of your list of candidates.

Oftentimes Tumblr is not taken seriously because of its younger user base and the high volume of memes and animated GIFs that make up user posts. However, this indicates Tumblr is... Read more »

The True Value of Links to Your Website in Social Media Posts

July 1, 2014

We've written a lot about how social media data is colliding with keyword search data, and why it's more important as ever to have a strong social media presence. But a lot of people (even some social media "gurus") don't know the nuts and bolts of how social media and search engines interplay through meta tags, link attributes, and bots -- and why some some social media post links are much more valuable than others.

If you're not into the technical stuff, no worries. This is going to be a quick layman's primer on what exactly happens when you post a link to your Facebook or... Read more »

Facebook Marketers Must Pay to Play, Target the Jackpot

June 24, 2014

Facebook's business model centers on staying at the top of the social media ladder by constantly revamping its site and apps in hopes of creating an even better user experience. Facebook's latest efforts toward this endeavor include the addition of Audience Insights for advertisers, which goes hand-in-hand with an expansion of users' ability to tell Facebook what kind of ads they are or aren't interested in seeing. While both of these tools are meant to make reaching out easier for everyone, they come with a catch.

In the golden days of social media marketing, entrepreneurs and marketers could leverage the crowdsourcing power... Read more »

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