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You've Been Hacked! A Small Business Guide to Website Security

August 28, 2015

"Who would want to attack my website?" A common misconception among small business owners is that their websites are not important enough to warrant an attack by hackers. It is true that unless you are a large bank, corporation, or government institution, a hacker is not likely going to consciously choose your website as a target. What a hacker will do is create infectious code that leverages your compromised website to attack a targeted website or accomplish some other goal that has nothing to do with your company's size, your business' type, or the monetary value of your data.

You May Not Know You've... Read more »

Rest in Peace, Web Design

August 25, 2015

In August of 2014, we blogged about how mobile access to the Internet was impacting web design. With the near-infinite variety of screen sizes on devices that now access the web, websites need to be sleek, simple, and adaptable. So now, most everything we associate with traditional web design is no longer applicable. We're going to go ahead and call it: Web design has gone the way of dial-up modems and floppy disks. Rest in peace, web design.

Websites Are More Vibrant and Alive Than Ever
To be clear, this eulogy is not about the website. The website has... Read more »

Is It the End of the Line for Google Plus?

August 8, 2015

In case you hadn't heard, there are some big changes on the way for the Google+ social network. In a July 27 blog post with the very innocuous title "Everything in its right place," Bradley Horowitz, the Google Vice President in charge of Streams, Photos, and Sharing, made some very generalized statements about the future of the social platform, statements that many are hearing as the death knell for Google+.

Most of the blog post touches on the reshuffling of many of the elements of Google+. Some new features will be added to... Read more »

Busting Myths about Search Ranking

July 26, 2015

Anybody who works in website search engine optimization (SEO) has invariably heard the request, "I want to be number one on Google." It's an understandable desire. After all, to be at the top spot on Google would assure you of some healthy traffic, no matter what business you are in.

The problem with the request, however, is that looking at arbitrary search results is not the best indicator of the actual SEO health of your website. Furthermore, assessing your SEO from this very narrow field of vision can lead to some very poor decision-making in changes to the website. These statements may seem counterintuitive, since the... Read more »

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