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What do you get when you gather a bunch of creative types — animators, web developers, writers, graphic designers, producers — under the same roof? You get the HuB — a 40,000 square foot creative office space on Fruitville Road, designed to ensure interaction between its myriad entrepreneurs — and Blink;Tech has moved in!

The HuB’s space does more than house businesses; it acts as an incubator for creative thinking with its sunlit rooms, polished cement floors, leather couches and café tables in the ample common areas, brightly painted offices, and artwork by local artists hanging on the walls. Right now, Blink;Tech’s creative consultant, Grace Howl, has her paintings on display in the HuB’s halls and common areas.

It’s not just the building’s décor that sold us, however. According to its founder, Rich Swier, the HuB is meant to be a collaborative space where entrepreneurs come together and contribute to a culture of creative thinking. It’s a natural fit for Blink;Tech’s creative team.

Not only does the HuB offer a place for our team members to call home, its resources outside of our dedicated four walls give us the opportunity to serve our clients even more effectively. We now have direct access to conference rooms for client meetings, state-of-the-art production studios for animation, audio, and video recording, and beautiful spaces to host events. Who’s ready to party?

But most importantly, since moving into the HuB we’ve learned that we’re likely to discover multi-talented artists and thinkers at every turn: That marketing director two offices away goes home every night to work on a novel; the talented animator down the hall plays in three different bands on the weekends.

Where ideas grow, businesses grow. We love what we’re seeing here at the HuB. Drop by — we think you will too!

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