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In the days when print media was king, marketing was a glorified guessing game. Businesses jockeyed for the most visible ad space within their means, then assumed the position of sitting back and waiting for new customers to roll in.

That’s not a comfortable position for a business owner to be in. Well, you might not lose much sleep if you’re a gambling man. But the savvy entrepreneur wants to know how every dollar spent makes its way back home, hopefully with an entourage. This could explain how the “Mention this ad and get a 5% discount/triple scoop/free puppy!” strategy became popular. How else would you know if you were getting through to anyone?

As with so many other aspects of business, the Internet changed everything. By utilizing online analytics services, you can tally up each view and click on every ad, blog post or social media update, making it a lot easier for a business to monitor the performance of its marketing efforts. However, pinpointing an exact return on investment — the bottom-line profit generated by the time, energy and funds you expend putting your business in front of an audience — can still prove to be a challenge. Clicks and views are “mute” data: On their own, they don’t explain why thousands of people looked at your webpage in March — or on the flipside, why no one clicked on that sweet coupon you offered to your Facebook followers. But there’s good news: now marketing platforms have developed incredibly sophisticated methods of collecting data that talks, telling a story over time of who and where your business comes from.

The Blink Tech team has watched these developments unfold, and we’ve observed their game-changing potential. Our team has always used a hands-on approach to marketing. In the past, we stayed busy analyzing the success of marketing campaigns from the end point with after-the-fact stats. But now, we’re able to avail ourselves of information we’ve never had before: demographical statistics, including the age, gender and geographic location of people who engage with a message. This data paints a portrait of your most loyal customer, taking the guesswork out of who will listen and respond to future campaigns.

Many analytics services are incredibly user-friendly, but most people only scratch the surface of what these tools can really do to maximize reach and impact. The Blink Tech team has in-depth knowledge of what goes on underneath all those handy graphs and bar charts, and we can assist in building marketing campaigns that most effectively reach the right eyes and ears. Marketing doesn’t have to be a game of roulette any more. We lend it the high-precision targeting of a darts championship, and teach you how to hit the bulls-eye.

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