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We recently ran a series of blogs based on business startups and what they would need to know and do in order to achieve their goals. This is something near and dear to our hearts – we at Blink;Tech strive to approach our own business with the same energy, thoughtfulness, and earnestness as we did when we ourselves were a startup. 

To be a good startup facilitator you have to think like a startup and be able to approach problems with open-mindedness, creativity, and passion. This is how we put the “blink” in Blink;Tech!

Blink;Tech is a small and mighty group of creatives and technicians who work with startups to help a new business come to fruition. From web development to web design, from creative strategies in digital marketing to SEO and analytics, as well as the technical acuity required for any level of development needs, we understand what it takes and how to get a new business on the path to success.

The first and second blogs in the series discusses what services most any startup will need in order to get on their feet, and how to go about finding the support they will inevitably need.

The third installment focused on a golden rule that most of us have experienced throughout our lives: learn from others, as both their successes and their mistakes can be invaluable to a new startup.

Our fourth blog is probably the most critical for a startup: how to secure funding. There are various ways, and this blog details the ins and outs of these options.

The last blog in the series takes a look at how to continue riding the wave of success and stay in the spotlight in order to remain relevant. 

The business landscape is a dog-eat-dog world, but one thing holds true: we all can succeed if we help one another, and that only makes our community stronger. We hope this blog series on startups has shed some light on areas you might have had questions about, and that they help you find your next steps to achieve your goals. If you are a startup in St. Pete or in the surrounding Tampa Bay area, and you need a tech partner, contact Blink;Tech today. We’ve helped visions just like yours come to life on the web and we are here to help you.

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