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One of the most discussed topics when we meet with potential clients is the difference between web developers and web designers. It’s not surprising that the lines between the two are often blurred, as many companies, like ourselves, offer both areas of expertise. But when a client has specific needs, and doesn’t choose a company like ours, and ends up with one or the other, it can sometimes backfire. Today we will explain the differences between the two and show why choosing a company like Blink;Tech might be the best choice for you.

What is a Web Designer?

Web designers approach a website from an aesthetic point of view, using their creative skills to design the look and feel while keeping in mind the functionality and usability of a website. Though there are some designers who are quite capable on the development side, usually their strengths lie more on the creative side, so it can be difficult to find a designer who is equally adept at the development aspects.

Web design focuses on the customer-facing aspects of a website, how a user will interact with the site and what will draw them to a site (clean look, easy navigation, intuitive interface). Web designers usually have a background in graphic design and marketing, combining their expertise with sound development from a web developer.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer creates the applications and functionality within the Internet landscape, using various computer languages to program a website either on the front or backend, and sometimes on both if capable. Web developers give life to the web designer’s vision, either via what the user sees on a page or how it actually works and communicates with the server.

Web development can become quite complex, depending on what is needed by the client. Simpler sites that don’t require a database or shopping cart might only need the front end development, whereas those more complex sites need a technically robust infrastructure that only a web developer can fully realize.

As you can see, the skill sets needed for each area, while related, are certainly specific to the function they serve. Though a web designer who is also a developer surely exists, an efficient and highly skilled one can be hard to find, and if you do, they might not be very affordable. That’s where using a web technology company like Blink;Tech comes into play: we have designers, developers, project managers, and the professional atmosphere that gives the best of all worlds. We are not too big for a client to get lost in the shuffle, yet we have a large enough staff to cover all areas and ensure the best experience for all involved. Are you ready to make your mark on the web?

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