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Every business must start with a great idea and a solid marketing foundation to sell that idea. The problem is that there is so much to be done to get a business off the ground. that it can be difficult to focus on marketing effectively right out of the gate. As a true tech partner who not only can assist with all technical needs of a business, Blink;Tech is a full-service digital agency that can help you hit the ground running with marketing campaigns that are targeted specifically to the right audience. 

In this blog, we focus on the importance of a target audience, how to reach them, and why bringing on a tech partner like Blink;Tech is a great idea.

Why Identifying Your Target Audience is Important

Most marketing budgets only allow for up to 15% of the total yearly revenue, and that number is generous. For as many platforms and marketing channels that currently exist, and for the number of people who could be potential customers, this is a very small amount to work with if you’re trying to cast the broadest net possible. This is why targeted marketing is vitally important to the success of any marketing plan. 

While anyone could be the next customer, what is needed is the next sure thing, or what will bring the most conversions per dollar spent. By identifying a target audience, the rate of conversion should improve and offer the best bang for your buck, making the most out of that small marketing budget.

Finding Your Target Audience

Now that you know why a target audience is important, the question is how do you find it? The obvious targets may be simple to identify, but your competition can easily identify them too, which drives ad prices up. So delving deeper into the data to identify more specific or niche audiences is time well spent. If selling home appliances, of course targeting new homeowners, interior designers, and the like would be obvious choices. But by doing things like using Google Analytics to collect and explore demographics, sending out surveys to analyze customer feedback, monitoring social media posts, and doing thorough competitor research, specific targets can emerge that bring to light marketing options never considered previously. While this takes more effort, the work can really pay off when the conversions start to rise.   

Finding Your Target Audience on Facebook and Instagram

Social media has evolved throughout the years from a social platform to a marketing funnel and customer directory. Gone are the days when it was used to keep in touch with that long-lost high school buddy. Now marketing ads account for 98% of Facebook’s revenue, bringing in close to 86 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 alone.

In order to create targeted ads on Facebook, specify the targets needed in the Audience Manager tool. Whether it’s based on behavior, location, interests or connections, or even all of the above, the Audience Manager allows for multiple audiences for any campaign, and can allow a drill down to focus on the very specifics that should help turn up the conversion rate. 

With Instagram, their Insights tool can help you understand how the account has performed, but by social listening and employing proper use of hashtags and location tagging, your content should get in front of the eyes who want it most. 

Tips for Reaching Your Target Audience

Any marketing professional will say he or she knows the best way to reach your target audience but in reality, the landscape is ever changing, which means the “best” way is always changing too! However, one “best” way never changes – data analytics. It is the best tool to use for identifying your audience out of all the pertinent web traffic data and user demographics. By cultivating a solid marketing strategy that employs data analytics at its core, strategies for reaching your target audience will evolve out of knowing the audience itself!

Why Professional Marketing Agencies are so Good at Reaching Target Audiences

As we have well documented in the past, nothing stays the same for long in the game of marketing outside of the product being marketed. Unless your in-house marketing team continues their education and stays on top of the latest trends, using a professional marketing agency can be a great option. 

Using a data-driven foundation, along with an outside perspective that can broaden the reach, a marketing agency can leverage various platforms and balance SEO, content creation, social media and paid advertising into a larger strategy designed to maximize ROI. The agency can also better make course corrections based on data analytics and experience. 

As a full-service digital agency, Blink;Tech can offer all of the above and more. Contact us today to see how Blink;Tech can help make your mark!

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