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This is the first in a series of blogs that will examine the needs of startups in St. Petersburg, focusing on various services they may need as well as available resources and community leaders who are here to help!

“What do I need to do to get my startup off the ground and running?” This question has played over and over in your head ever since you and your best friend decided to try to make your business vision a reality. You both feel that it’s a great idea and you know it could be a profitable endeavor, but how will you stand out from all your competitors in a seemingly over-saturated business landscape? How do you approach branding and all the nuts and bolts of launching a new business? What digital marketing services will be the most effective and keep you from wasting precious time, energy, and money? And what about all the technical and security considerations a brand-new business faces? Where do you even begin?

Take a deep breath. Relax. Blink;Tech has your back.

In the Beginning…

It all started with an exciting idea, one that you and your partner vetted as honestly and realistically as possible. You then outlined a business plan and lined up some potential investors who also recognize the viability of your vision. Things were moving fast and you were feeling like you were ahead of the game, up until now. This is the complex part, where all the creative ideas collide with cautious financial planning, carefully thought out marketing strategies, and a mountain of technical details. Where do you begin?

It’s All in the Name

You probably already have a good idea for a business name, but make sure that a corresponding domain is available before you start printing business cards! You also want to do your homework and know what other businesses will be sharing your namespace. A good tech partner can help guide you through the web aspects of this important process so that the domain you end up choosing serves your vision, banding, and internet search. There can be other things to consider like a corporate structure, licenses, and other financial and legal issues before finally committing yourself to a specific name, so make sure you get good advice all around and are always thinking long term. Needless to say, this is one of the most critical steps in the launching of your business. Once that final name has been chosen, however, your business can begin to take life as a new website is built, a social media presence is created, and all the marketing collateral is developed.

But Where Can I Find Trusted Help?

All of that sounds great, but where do you find the expertise to guide you through all the above? And more importantly, who can you trust with these important decisions? You never want to run the risk of losing your investment in a business relationship due to a lack of trust. At Blink;Tech, we are a small and mighty group of creatives and technicians who work with you to help your business come to fruition. From web development to web design, and from creative strategies in digital marketing to SEO and analytics, we at Blink;Tech strive to approach our own business with the same energy, thoughtfulness, and earnestness as we did when we ourselves were a startup. To be a good startup facilitator you have to think like a startup and be able to approach problems with open-mindedness, creativity, and passion. This is how we put the “blink” in Blink;Tech!

We also have to have a firm grasp on the technical. Our web engineers and developers can handle everything from a simple informational website to complex databases with high level CRM requirements and integrated phone applications. Our internet marketing team specializes in quality content creation for the digital landscape and deep impact analytics and SEO. Most importantly, however, we can walk with you every step of the way so that you not only achieve success with your startup, but do so with ever-expanding knowledge and confidence.

If you are a startup in St. Pete or in the surrounding Tampa Bay area, and you need a tech partner, contact Blink;Tech today. We’ve helped visions just like yours come to life on the web and we are here to help you.

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