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One thing most people can agree on is that taking exams in school was one of the more difficult experiences in getting an education. Tests, exams, evaluations, whatever you prefer to name them, always came down to succeeding or failing, which is a source of stress for most people. It should not be surprising that the most successful endeavors in your life included some type of evaluation: college graduation, a driver’s permit, or that promotion at work.

Therefore, it should also not be surprising to find out that one of the most important parts of building your business and its website is evaluation. At blink;tech, we follow the “Build, Promote, Evaluate” model for design and management, which allows us to offer our clients a never ending scale of growth. While building and promoting are the major stepping stones, the evaluation part is what will make or break the time and effort put into the project.

When evaluating a web project, the steps are very similar to evaluating any other project: gather data over a period of time and then analyze it in such a way so that the resulting information can be used to determine whether the work has effectively carried out its plan and achieved its objectives or anticipated results. In order to gather the data, we look at a variety of metrics, including website and social media analytics (geographies, reach and conversions, traffic demographics), point of sale conversions, and customer profiles, as well as customer acquisition costs. While these terms may seem like gibberish to many of us, they are indeed very important tools for those in the marketing field.

By analyzing web traffic and comparing it to visitor type, demographics, and conversion rates, marketers can adjust advertising campaigns to target the precise audience they need to succeed. Knowing customer profiles and how they came to purchase a product can direct marketers to the appropriate channels in which to spend their marketing dollars.

It might seem that we would find failure more often than not, since marketing and the web can be fickle entities. However, as data reveals patterns to sharpen our approach and refine our methods, failure is rarely encountered.

By continually evaluating, websites and marketing campaigns can continually grow so that a business can become as successful as possible. It’s only when we stop evaluating that we find anything close to failing, which also rings true in life: it’s only when we stop learning that we stop growing. Suffice to say, it’s an interesting parallel that we find in life and in marketing.

As we evaluate the work done after building and promoting, we can see patterns and trends that worked or didn’t work, so that we can continually update and evolve your website design and management. Contact blink;tech today to see what we can do for you.

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