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As we all know, social media plays such a large part in our everyday business that it can seem almost overwhelming. Some business owners feel that they must do everything they can to make their presence known, while others shy away from it to the extent that no one even realizes they are there. When is it too much and when is it not enough? That’s what we’re here to talk about today: making healthily aggressive communication work to your advantage. Let’s use LinkedIn as the platform of choice.

We start with aggressive action. It’s not good enough anymore to sit passively by and let other companies reap the benefits you desire. While just having a presence on social media is a great start, it will do nothing to really grow your business. You must engage or risk falling behind the curve. Get your employees involved by having them spread ideas via white papers or sharing news articles. Connect with other businesses and groups and get outside of your business bubble. Whether you do it yourself or hire a virtual marketer to do the work for you, you must take action to make your presence known.

Next, we look at communication. A company can live or die by its communication practices, with too much or too little stifling its growth. With social media it’s the same, and healthy communication among the proper platforms will work to your company’s advantage. Like other social media platforms, posting too much or too little and spamming users will wreak havoc on a marketing plan, but by using healthily aggressive communication, LinkedIn can be one of the best used tools on the market. What exactly does “healthily aggressive communication” entail? While we could discuss this at length, the top four aspects include:

  1. Choose topics that are relevant and timely to the marketing climate. Don’t just post to have a post – make sure there are reasons for posting that are valid and necessary. There’s no quota on how many posts to make and there’s no trophy to win if you have more posts than your competition. Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to gaining followers.
  2. Connecting to the proper contacts. Just like cold-calling is not as appreciated in today’s marketing as it once was, connecting to contacts for the sake of gaining contacts is not a best practice. Yes, you must go outside your bubble, and that sometimes calls for taking chances with potential contacts. But you need to choose wisely so that your contacts can work efficiently for you.
  3. Using your resources. Unless you really are a one-man band, you have people around you who are knowledgeable and supportive. Use them. They can help you think outside the box and come up with a plan that you may never have considered.
  4. Respond to your public. Once you begin dialogue with contacts and groups, don’t forget about it! Return to those posts and continue the discussion so that the creative juices are always flowing and evolving!

Healthy yet aggressive communication is a key factor in making social media work to your advantage. Don’t get left behind just because you are uncertain about different platforms – take control and make sure you are “LinkedIn” to your potential!

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