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It was only a matter of time before we discussed it, but here we are: TikTok. With over 1 billion users, it is the most popular app among young adults and has the highest social media engagement rate, which means that for the immediate future TikTok is the platform of choice for marketing your business. For those who haven’t made the jump to using Tik Tok for business, the video hosting service can be a bit confusing while getting started. We have some great tips for you, however, that will help you not only find your business niche, but also help you market your business on this powerful social media app.

What is a Niche in Business?

In the sense of business, Oxford defines niche as “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service”. Certain factors to consider when defining your business niche include location, price, quality, and values. Delineating your business in such an exacting way may seem too confining, but the benefits are usually worth the specialization. These include reduced competition, focused expertise, and brand loyalty based on catering to the needs of that niche. Finding a smaller niche in a broader business landscape can drive the success of a business, as long as you continue to adjust to the ever-changing market.

Some examples of niche markets include travel and tourism, digital gaming, beauty and health/fitness, and home improvement among many others. Targeting a niche or finding an unexploited niche are imperative when looking to break into a new social media platform.

Examples of Business Niches on TikTok

Along with the niches listed above, others on TikTok include anything with animals and pets, funny dances (like the most recent Lizzo “About Damn Time” viral dance), easy dinners, and couples’ goals. 

Consistent targeting is the way to achieve attention and engagement, which is how you can build the audience. It is also imperative to choose a niche that is specific to the business so that the content is consistent with the targeting.

The most popular TikTok niches are currently those that focus on comedy, fashion, beauty, fitness, DIY, travel, pets, food, parenting, finance/business, music, art and entertainment, and lifestyle or motivation. Though it may seem like almost everything is already covered, it’s still possible to find something specific to your business that has yet to break open on TikTok!

Using TikTok Niche Hashtags

Just like with Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag (#) is the most important aspect of the caption within the post. Not only can they help you find content and potential collaborators, but you can begin to build a community around the chosen niche by using specific hashtags. When using hashtags, it’s important to have a calculated plan in order to target the desired audience. 

While popular and trending hashtags can help you reach a broad audience, there’s also much competition so it’s likely that you’ll be lost in the shuffle. Using relevant hashtags for the niche will allow the video to be seen by the right targets, and once it’s getting more views, then it might break out into the broader spectrum. 

This marketing tactic is the most specific way to gain followers and add likes to your account, which is the only way to grow on TikTok. Find the best hashtags for your niche, create your content to be consistent with that niche, and then engage with other collaborators and communities via hashtags (whether trending or niche-specific). Finding a balance among these strategies will help your account grow into a viable source of brand loyalty and potential income!

Can You Switch Niches on TikTok?

What if you start with one idea, but quickly realize it’s not working. Can niches be switched once a TikTok account has been created? The answer is yes, but there are things to be aware of and some no-no’s to avoid! 

While the easiest solution may be to just start a new account, if the current account already has a nice following that might also be interested in the new niche, it might be beneficial to announce the change to the current followers and then start to sprinkle in the new content while still providing some of the original content. This way, the followers can see where the account is heading without being blindsided, they can choose whether or not to stay, and they would still have some of the original content being delivered. At some point the switch may become 100%, but by then it will be the norm.

The worst thing you can do is to change the content without warning and leave the followers to fend for themselves. If they feel taken care of, and if the content is still quality and interesting to them, they will probably stay! Be aware that you may lose some followers, but that is to be expected. 

Can You Have Two Niches on TikTok?

Continuing with that same idea, maybe the current account doesn’t have the ability to change due to the content or audience/targets or you just want to target both the original and the new niche. Creating a new account for the new niche is the right option here. But is that feasible? It is, depending on the time available to create content! Any account owner can have more than one account, and when it comes to business marketing, having separate accounts for different niches can be the most direct way for targeting those accounts. It is more work, as content and targeting must be specific for each account, but being able to post for each niche will work out better in the end for all marketing endeavors. 

If you have questions about getting your business on TikTok and finding your niche, contact us today!

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