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In his book C-Scape: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today, MarketWatch founder Larry Kramer writes:

Across business, we are all discovering that the world in which we work and live is transforming faster and more profoundly than ever. Everyone knows that. What’s not well understood is that every aspect of these changes — from the transformed landscape of business to the specific challenges that Visa and other businesses are facing to the solutions to those problems — all have the same source: changes in media. Why media? Because every aspect of business is increasingly carried out through media. From advertising and marketing to sales and customer service, from product design and development to recruitment and employee relations, from the factory floor to shareholder meetings, everything that happens in business is ever more likely to happen on a screen or a handheld device.

Kramer goes on to make the argument that, given the technology available and its use by consumers to inform, educate, and entertain one another, every business is now a media business. As such, companies that wish to compete in the digital arena must comply with the 4 C’s: Consumers have choice, Content is king, Curation cures information overload, and Convergence is revolutionizing human communication. These 4 C’s are very important for companies seeking to add value to their services through inbound marketing.

Over the last 10 years, inbound marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing method for those engaging the online landscape. More and more companies have moved away from the traditional methods of TV, radio, and print advertising, or paying for email lists of potential leads. These forward-thinking companies have instead directed their energy toward creating content that attracts — and converts — potential customers.

Because this move can be daunting for a lot of companies and entrepreneurs (who would rather just do what they’re good at instead of writing blogs, producing videos, and commenting on Facebook), Blink;Tech comes in to help clients make the transition. One of these clients is Julian Yates, the professional REALTOR® behind Sarasota Property Finders.

When Julian came to us, he was trying to build his online presence and become more visible to prospective homebuyers in the Sarasota area. As he soon learned, having a top-notch website alone isn’t enough to gain traffic and make conversions. We suggested that he build on what makes him such a unique REALTOR® in a town full of real estate agents, and started creating content-driven campaigns based on his personality, his love of Sarasota, and the lifestyle he enjoys as a Sarasota resident.

By developing blogs about various neighborhoods in Sarasota and featured properties, the Sarasota Property Finders website has continued gaining organic search traffic and registrations from people interested in available homes. What’s more, monthly event calendars and local news articles also build trust among Julian’s clientele, and his social media presence has boomed. We believe that Julian’s inbound marketing efforts speak to his audience’s preferred choice, provide valuable content, curate important information, and help people converge. Of implementing an inbound marketing strategy with Blink;Tech, Julian had this to say:

In general, you took the burden of learning and maintaining an ever-shifting technology off my hands to free me up to do my job.

Blink;Tech can help you rev up your business with inbound marketing while you focus on the job you’re here to do. It’s a great thing to own your business, but we want to help you own the web. Contact Us for a digital marketing consultation.

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