We came to Blink;Tech with a huge problem: Our domain had been hijacked and our website was down. For a busy dental office, this was a major setback to our business. In no time at all, the Blink;Tech team set us up on a new domain with a beautiful new website, and they put together a marketing plan to not only get us back on course, but advance into totally new territory with promoting our dental practice.

Dr Chirillo

At Blink;Tech, we get a lot of calls from businesses whose websites have been hacked or their domains hijacked. In many cases the domain is recoverable, but sometimes, it’s not. For Dentistry By Design, we knew we not only had to start from scratch with the domain and website, but we needed to put together a marketing plan that would quickly help them regain their place on the web, and serve their long-term marketing needs as well.

We started with a modern and secure WordPress website that was pleasing to the eye for mobile and tablet. Next, to help get them found on the web, our writing team set up an editorial calendar for regular blog posts and began monitoring web traffic and demographics via Google Analytics. Finally, because Dentistry By Design had never leveraged social media, we set up a Facebook page and ad account, and began a well-structured marketing campaign leveraging social media, pay-per-click advertising, web search, and most importantly, the power of their patients’ smiles.


Dr. Jeffrey A. Chirillo, DMD


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