Blink;Tech rebuilt our internal system of operations so we do our job better, which helps the community thrive.

Hands of Central Florida, Inc.

The Housing and Neighborhood Development Services of Central Florida (HANDS) does important work to increase affordable housing and help families find homes. However, as HANDS’ client base grew, their phone-based operations bogged down the process. HANDS also faced pressures from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to implement new digital systems to communicate data. HANDS needed a makeover — a complex and time-consuming project that would stretch the organization too thin.

In 2006, Blink;Tech performed the overhaul that brought HANDS to the leading edge in its field. Blink;Tech developed a web application to register incoming clients, taking advantage of a booming population of Internet users and dramatically lightening the burden on HANDS staff.

Blink;Tech was the first in the nation to implement the HUD department’s new digital communications system, and a report that used to take days now takes HANDS one simple click of a button. An intuitive user interface for both clients and staff helps HANDS do what its does best: help people. Blink;Tech continues to support the organization’s management of a prolific client base, helping HANDS respond quickly to changes in the industry.


Jill McReynolds


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