Professor Turbine

HPC Technical Services is a leading provider of service training documents and technical education materials for the electrical power, turbine, and generator industries. Through their Professor Turbine branded Learning-Docs and online training courses, HPC Technical Services is an invaluable resource for anyone troubleshooting the various components and systems commonly found in gas and steam turbine generators. Their website, however, was incredibly difficult to navigate and was plagued with broken functionality, which was making for a poor user experience and drastically affecting sales.

After meeting with the Blink;Tech development staff and giving us a clear picture of the desired functionality, our team put together a clean and user-friendly website that allowed HPC’s clients to easily navigate the myriad of learning docs and exams to propel their continuing education and tackle the day-to-day issues faced in their industry. Along with a simple administrative interface, HPC can now expand their reach and learning opportunities while easily maintaining their daily functionality.


HPC Technical Services


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