Without a strong technical partner like Blink;Tech, my start-up dream couldn’t have become the reality it is today. Now I’m open for business and in a position to grow.

America’s Pastime Tours

Charlie Hamilton came to us with a vision: to start a tour company for baseball fans that offered luxurious, weeklong, all-inclusive trips, each taking in several baseball games and a variety of major league attractions. He had the tour schedules and the business ground work laid out, but had no web presence. And he needed to get up and running quickly, since baseball season and the tour dates were fast approaching.

The Blink;Tech team sprung into action getting Charlie’s America’s Pastime Tours concept off the ground quickly, creating an elegant website and blog that would appeal to the demographic he was targeting. A turnkey social media platform was developed that would not only reach his potential client base, but also be sustainable and fun for Charlie to helm. To turbo-charge his brand new web footprint, paid web advertising campaigns were implemented, to get his web presence in top form before Spring training. Because of the experience and agility of the Blink-Tech team, a vision was turned into an elegant and effective reality in the blink of an eye.

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