Many of my clients use phones and tablets to access my website, and I knew it was time to update the site so it offered a more pleasant experience for them. The team at Blink;Tech not only created a sleek, mobile-friendly website interface, but also made big improvements to SEO that have resulted in a big increase in mobile traffic.

Morrison Home Team

As one of the premier residential real estate offices in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, the Morrison Home Team knew that current and potential clients would often reference properties from a mobile device while out in a car exploring homes. Having a website that was not mobile-friendly was costing them dearly.

The Blink;Tech team specializes in mobile-friendly websites and responsive web design, and quickly developed a classy theme for the Morrison Home Team website that not only looked great on every device, but allowed for mobile-friendly searches of home listings. In the process of revamping the site, major improvements to its SEO made the website more appealing to Google’s new mobile-targeted search algorithms, and substantial traffic improvements immediately followed. In an ever-changing technological landscape, having an adaptable and technologically sound website can not only save money in the long run, but can also pay big dividends when your website is so critical to your business.



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