As one of Sarasota’s top suppliers of premier stone products, we needed to update our web presence to better express the beauty of the stone we sell and the high level of service we offer our clientele. The Blink;Tech team created a sleek, mobile-friendly website for us that was elegant and easy to navigate, ensuring that visitors would have a great experience no matter what device they were using to access our website.

The Granite Place

The Granite Place was in a situation many fast-growing businesses find themselves in: They had a website that was stale and did not reflect the size, scope, quality, and level of service their business currently represented. Moreover, they were (and are) still growing quickly. They knew they needed to have someone in their court who could handle more complicated needs.

Blink;Tech produced an elegant, mobile-friendly content management system that was adaptable to new needs and growth, was easily manageable, and could be quickly edited to reflect changes in the business. In five short years since then, The Granite Place has expanded to a total of four locations including Sarasota, Pinellas Park, Orlando, and Fort Myers, Florida. And we’ve been there every step of the way providing digital marketing, website support, and technical assistance wherever needed. The Blink;Tech team always works from the standpoint of scalability, because we know from experience that the sky’s the limit when it comes to business growth and change.

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