Blink;Tech helped us streamline our web presence and created a more elegant online face for our business. Not only is our new website much more appealing and professional, but it better highlights the commercial properties we represent.

Ian Black Real Estate

As one of the busiest commercial realty offices in Sarasota, Ian Black Real Estate didn’t have the time to devote to developing a strong web presence, but knew this was a critical missing component of their marketing. From previous efforts they had ended up with two separate blogs. Although both websites had valuable content and the office had been active with social media, the web wasn’t bringing the results they were hoping for. They knew they needed help.

The Blink;Tech development team set to work consolidating their fragmented web presence into one elegant website. All the blog posts from the two websites were integrated into one blog, making it easier to leverage existing content through social media and internet marketing. A “Featured Properties” blog category was added in order to highlight some of the top properties on the home page of the site. Blink;Tech‘s SEO specialists then went over the site top to bottom, looking for ways to improve web visibility and search ranking. The end result was a polished, responsive website that provides a much better experience for visitors and a solid foundation for all future web marketing efforts.


Ian Black

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