When we ran into issues with our hosting company, we realized we needed a tech partner for our rapidly-growing business. Blink;Tech was our first choice. Their responsiveness and personalized service means we have someone to talk to when we need help. And because they offer a considerable breadth of services, we know that as new situations arise, they will always be there to help.

Edible Sarasota

Edible Sarasota had a unique problem. Although the magazine had a large following of devoted local readers, interest and web visits would drop off dramatically between issues. For a busy magazine staff working long hours to put together every issue, there simply wasn’t enough time and manpower to fill in the gaps.

Blink;Tech’s social media team immediately set up and implemented a social media editorial calendar designed to address the lull in interest between the magazine’s five publications per year. A blog was created to promote content that wasn’t in the magazine, and both Pinterest and Facebook were leveraged to promote the new content. Not only are established readers now more consistently engaged through social media and website visits, but the Edible Sarasota Facebook Page has seen a 300% increase in likes — an astounding increase for a locally-targeted and well-established social media presence. Since Blink;Tech’s partnership with the magazine, Edible Sarasota’s total web traffic increased by over 25%, with social media ranking as the top generators of new and returning visits.


Tracy Freeman

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