Blink;Tech made everything effortless and actually fun, from solidifying my business model to posting that first ‘open for business’ blog. I’ve found that Blink;Tech is a company you can trust with your business concept from start to finish.

Black Belt Tennis

Steve Martin approached Blink;Tech with a unique problem. A master tennis coach, Steve had developed a new tennis coaching system for kids that was progressive, engaging, and fun-focused. Students were begging to get back on the court after each lesson. Not only was Steve’s coaching system ground-breaking, but also had the potential to evolve into new realms of tennis instruction. Steve needed a website that could adapt and grow with the future of his business.

Blink;Tech‘s web development team got to work on a branded WordPress CMS. The open source platform was perfect for Steve in that it could adapt to his future needs through a near infinite variety of plugins. It also offers a user-friendly backend and a powerful blogging component that
would allow Steve to share the insights that led to the development of his coaching system and keep visitors up-to-date with future developments of Black Belt Tennis.

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