We have been extremely happy with Blink;tech’s professionalism, creative input and responsiveness, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a cutting edge firm to help take their website to the next level. – Paul Katz


After seven years of being the leading global online resource center for all things cello, CelloBello.com was badly in need of a revamp. Because nearly half of their visitors accessed the site through mobile technologies, having a more pleasing experience for small screens was a top priority. Social media was another trouble spot. The CelloBello staff wanted the website to mesh better with their highly popular YouTube account, and also were in desperate need of some sort of analytics reporting in order to assist their growing focus on social media.

After making a thorough evaluation of the website, the Blink;tech team presented all the options and made recommendations. The end result was a website with a more modern look, more interactive features, and better functionality. Additionally, a user-friendly interface was created so that the CelloBello admins could more easily access and understand the more pertinent analytical website traffic data. In no time at all, the traffic to the site surged upward as increasing numbers of cellists worldwide found the new CelloBello website to be a much more pleasing experience for accessing lesson videos, streamed master classes, listings of jobs, and competition opportunities. Of equal importance, the administrators of the website were delighted with the ease and reliability of day to day operations.




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