As a small business owner, I take pride in having some involvement in all aspects of my business. I like my personal knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to service to always be visible to my clients. Part of this ethic has always been writing articles, but I never was able to put these articles on my own website. The team at Blink;Tech set me up with a new WordPress website, imported my existing articles, and taught me how to manage my own blog.

Musco, CPA

Many small business owners are looking for tech solutions that put them at the helm rather than wanting a full service solution. Whether it is managing the content of the website, having control over employee access, or running the marketing in house, the variety and extent of needs of the modern small business owner can vary greatly.

At Blink;Tech we strive to offer tech solutions that work for you and your business no matter what your desired level of involvement. From setting up an easy-to-manage blogging platform to engineering a complex backend interface for a large company, our web development staff has the knowledge and experience to build something tailored to your precise needs.


Stephen M Musco


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